Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train (Recap)


Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” follows Tanjiro,Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke on a dangerous mission aboard Mugen train overwhelmed by demons. Teamed with the Flame Hashira, they confront a demon manipulating dreams, aiming to eliminate them in slumber. As they battle for survival, the line between reality and illusion blurs, testing their resolve and unity against a formidable enemy within the confines of the speeding train.


As Kyojuro Rengoku leaves to investigate the demons attacking civilians, he learns about Mugen Train and the mysterious disappearances of demon slayers. Investigating it further, he decides to go undercover as a bento vendor to a place where trains are worked. There, he encounters a Slasher demon, whom he tracks down and slays. In the process, he saves a grandmother and her granddaughter. The old lady was once saved by Rengoku’s father many years ago. Rengoku, once again, buys all the bento boxes from the old lady to use them as cover to get aboard the Mugen Train.

On the Mugen Train, the trio meets Rengoku. As Tanjiro asks him about the Hinokami Kagura technique, not knowing much about it, Rengoku tells him to become his Sugaku and informs him about different types of breathing techniques. We also learn from Rengoku that demon slayers with black swords typically don’t know which technique to master and none of them has ever become a Hashira. From there, the conductor comes to punch their tickets, and a demon shows itself. Rengoku makes quick work of the demon, showing how powerful he really is. However, they all eventually fall asleep due to the ink in the tickets being coated with the blood of Lower Moon One demon, Enmu.


Enmu with his blood demon art has the ability to instantly put people to sleep, including our heroes.



In his dream, Tanjiro reunites with his family, slowly drifting further into his dream. While Enmu plans their demise, he has recruited four children to infiltrate their dreams and find their core, which upon stabbing will kill them. While they are asleep, Nezuko comes out of her box, unaffected by Enmu’s ability, and tries to wake up Tanjiro but seemingly fails to do so. Tanjiro, now aware in his dream of what’s happening, has no choice but to slash his own neck to wake up and escape Enmu’s trap.


While this is happening, we see Rengoku’s dream, showing a person who’s trying his best to live up to the image of his father by joining the demon slayer corps and becoming a Hashira. As a former Flame Hashira himself, Rengoku’s father Shinjuro Rengoku, after his wife’s death, spiraled into a drunken state of depression and loathing of himself and his own sons. Confused, Rengoku’s little brother, Senjuro Rengoku, is scared he’ll lose his father just like they lost their mother. Rengoku tells him to follow his heart and that everything will be alright.


Tanjiro successfully wakes up from his dream and tasks Nezuko to wake everyone up. As Tanjiro sets off to deal with Enmu, Inosuke saves him from slicing his own neck repeatedly, almost in reality. The two battle Enmu, ultimately leading to beheading the demon.

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But even so, it’s not enough because Enmu combined his body with the Mugen Train itself. Now, Inosuke and Tanjiro head to the front cart, where they find Enmu’s real neck guarded by a conductor, leading to Tanjiro being stabbed in the stomach by the conductor.


Through a barrage of attacks and teamwork, Inosuke and Tanjiro were able to cut Enmu’s neck, which sends the Mugen train off the track. Thankfully, nobody is hurt from the crash, and all passengers remain safe, except for Tanjiro, who’s dealing with massive injury and is informed by Rengoku to use his breathing technique to stop bleeding.

Upper Moon 3, Akaza, shows up and battles Rengoku. While fighting the Flame Hashira, Akaza tries to convince Rengoku to become a demon like him. Rengoku delivers multiple blows to Akaza, but due to his superior regenerative abilities, it is of no use. As much as Rengoku can dish out, Akaza serves as a great match for him. In the battle, Rengoku is severely injured.

With one final effort, putting his heart ablaze, Rengoku uses his final attack, nearly decapitating Akaza but, in the process, is fatally impaled by Akaza. As the sun rises, Akaza is forced to escape and is impaled from behind when Tanjiro throws his blade, trying to stop him but fails.



With Rengoku’s death coming swiftly as the sun rises, he tells Tanjiro in his final moments to visit Rengoku’s household. There, he will find the records of the past flame users, which may contain information about Hinokami Kagura. He also tells Tanjiro to tell his little brother, Senjuro, to take the path that he feels is right for him, to follow his heart, and for his father to take care of himself.

Rengoku believes in Nezuko, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu as true members of the demon slayer corps, but also to stand tall and be proud. Time will not wait for anyone, and they should not sit idly and grieve over his death because someday they will become the pillars of the demon slayer corps themselves.


As Rengoku passes in his final moments, he sees his ghostly mother and asks if he did well, to which she replies he did splendidly. Rengoku dies with a smile on his face, knowing he’s done his mother and everyone proud of him.


As the message of Rengoku’s death spreads among the Hashiras and the master Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the curtains draw to this epic but tears inducing arc reminding the fans that no matter how strong the humans get they will be fragile compared to the demons regeneration, despite those glaring weaknesses humans will always stand up for what’s right. Even in the face of death, Humans stand strong.

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