Demon Slayer: The Entertainment District Arc (Recap)

Demon Slayer entertainment district

“In the ‘Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc,’ Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke head to a city called The Entertainment District. They team up with Tengen Uzui, a skilled Demon slayer and a former shinobi, and dive into a world of Battling tough demons, unravelling secrets, and saving lives, they dig deeper into the mysteries of demons while navigating danger at every turn.”

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Akaza meets Muzan, now disguised as a young boy, who reveals his disappointment in Akaza for not being able to kill the other three Demon Slayers other than Kyojuro. Akaza vows to kill Tanjiro.


Tanjiro meets Kyojuro’s brother Senjuro and his father Shinjuro. Shinjuro, a former Flame Hashira dismisses Tanjiro violently, For which he head butts him for disrespecting Kyojuro, knocking him out. Senjuro thanks Tanjiro for passing him his brother’s messages and informs his father that Kyojuro asked to take care of him.


Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke accompany the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzuito, their next mission – infiltrating the famed Yoshiwara red-light district, where demons are said to reside. In order to investigate the suspected demon presence in Yoshiwara, Tengen had sent his three wives to infiltrate the three largest courtesan Houses in the district.

He’s not receiving messages from them, As such, Tengen disguises Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu as girls and sells them to the three Houses in which his wives were deployed, in order to find clues about his missing wives and demon’s.


Inosuke investigates Makio’s room and discovers something moving through the ceiling and walls. Zenitsu defends a girl from being scolded by Warabihime, the house’s beautiful but intimidating oiran. He recognizes her as a demon but is attacked by her and knocked unconscious.

Before the mission had begun, the madam of the house confronts Warabihime, having determined her true identity, but she warabihime drops her on to the street kills to her death. She returns inside and is greeted by Muzan and addressing her by her demon name Daki: the Upper Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki.


Tanjiro detects a demon scent coming only to see Daki absorbing the oiran into her obi. The two fight but she overwhelms Tanjiro, Realizing she will be the strongest demon he will face thus far, Tanjiro readies himself to face Daki alone.


Tengen finds Hinatsuru on the outskirts of the district, having poisoned herself to escape but remaining unable to contact him. Battling Daki by himself, Tanjiro tries to use his Hinokami Kagura but realizes the fatigue on his body is preventing him from fighting effectively. Inosuke discovers an incredibly narrow passageway under his Houseleading to a cave that appears to serve as a holding cell, full of obi that Daki has used to absorb her victims. This obi turns out to be an entity that can function independently from Daki’s body.

Inosuke frees Suma and Makio two of Tengen’s wives as well as Zenitsu.

As Tanjiro and Daki battle, Daki causes immense destruction at the cost of numerous innocent lives, angered at her he uses Hinokami Kagura to enhance his speed and power. Daki sees distant memories of a similar figure to Tanjiro, memories which she surmises belong to Muzan’s cells in her body. Tanjiro almost beheads her when he collapses in exhaustion. Daki prepares to kill him as he is downed when Nezuko suddenly attacks her.


Remembering Muzan’s mention of a rogue demon, she begins fighting her. As Nezuko fights Daki, her increasingly potent regenerative abilities and Blood Demon Art overwhelm her opponent, leaving Daki.


Tengen soon arrives and beheads Daki with ease, doubting she is as powerful as she claims. However, she does not die, and instead, her brother Gyutaro emerges from within her body. Gyutaro, who also holds the position of Upper Rank Six. Evious of Tengen’s good looks, begins to fight him using his sickles and Blood Demon Art. Tengen struggles to stand his ground while protecting the civilians, realizing that Daki cannot be killed while Gyutaro is alive just as Zenitsu and Inosuke arrive to help. Taking Nezuko to safety, Tanjiro focuses on the coming battle despite his injuries.


Tengen trades barbs with Gyutaro and Daki, As they fight, Tengen is poisoned by Gyutaro but is joined by Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. The district is evacuated by Suma and Makio, while Hinatsuru makes her way to Tengen. The Demon Slayers plan to behead the demons simultaneously but Daki engages Zenitsu and Inosuke, while Gyutaro clashes with Tengen and Tanjiro. Fighting as one, the demons gradually overwhelm their opponents.


Entering the fight, Hinatsuru fires wisteria-laced kunais at Gyutaro, paralysing him and allowing Tengen and Tanjiro to reach his neck. Gyutaro neutralizes the wisteria and uses his Blood Demon Art grabbing Hinatsuru.


Tanjiro combines his Hinokami Kagura and Water Breathing, unleashing a very fast charge that saves her. Tengen joins to slice off Gyutaro’s head, while Zenitsu and Inosuke continue to fight Daki’s obi. Gyutaro stops their blades and unleashes his Blood Demon Art again, forcing Tengen to throw himself and Gyutaro away.


Tengen fighting Gyutaro alone, Tanjiro joins his friends in facing Daki, where he and Zenitsu open the way for Inosuke, allowing him to behead her. He runs away with Daki’s head to prevent reattachment but Gyutaro suddenly stabs him from behind and retrieves her head. Tanjiro looks for Tengen and sees him wounded and motionless Zenitsu pushes him off the roof to save him from an incoming obi attack.

Tanjiro survives his fall but is confronted by Gyutaro, who mocks his inability to protect Nezuko and his friends he asks tanjiro to turn into a demon like him.

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Tanjiro responds by head-butting him, secretly stabbing him with a poisoned kunai. With Gyutaro immobilized, he attempts his Hinokami Kagura to behead him. Daki intervenes but is attacked by Zenitsu, with his fastest form.


Gyutaro removes the kunai and recovers. Before he can kill Tanjiro, Tengen, having halted the poison’s effects, intervenes, battling Gyutaro despite his wounds. Seeing his chance, Tanjiro reaches Gyutaro’s neck but is stabbed in the jaw.

His scar transforms into a demon slayer mark, giving him the strength to slice through. Zenitsu loses momentum without cutting Daki’s neck but is joined by Inosuke revealing he moved his internal organs upon getting stabbed, causing Gyutaro to miss his heart.


The Demon Slayers simultaneously behead the siblings, but in the result, Gyutaro’s body suddenly erupts with blood blades, destroying the city.


Nezuko neutralizes the attack with her blood demon art she burns the poison out of Tengen and inosuke’s bodies, saving them. She and Tanjiro set out to collect demons blood for Tamayo and find them insulting each other Tanjiro tells them to support each other in their last moments but Daki dies first.


Gyutaro remembers their human lives, they were born into the poorest caste of a red-light district. Despite his appearance troubling him, he has to face a lot of problems even to survive and live.


Daki, considered very attractive as a child, gave them a comfortable life. One day, Daki attacked a customer of hers and was burned alive in revenge. Gyutaro found her on his return and killed the people responsible for his sister burned alive but severely got injured, as he begged for help no one helped them.

On the brink of death they subsequently found by the Upper Moon Six [Doma] of then and turned into demons. Gyutaro meets with Daki in the afterlife and they reunite, walking to Hell together.

Serpent Hashira Obanai Iguro arrives, sarcastically praising Tengen for killing Upper Rank Six. However, Tengen intends to retire and informs him of Tanjiro’s potential. An ill Kagaya is overjoyed at the news and expresses his pride in the Demon Slayers, noting Muzan’s defeat is near.


Akaza is summoned to the alternate dimension, the Infinity Castle, and realizes that an Upper Rank has been killed.


With the suspense for what the demons would do, now that an upper moon demon is killed. “The Entertainment District Arc” ends with an astonishing win for the demon slayers.

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