10 Manhwa’s Like Solo Leveling

Manhwas like Solo leveling

Explore these top manhwa recommendations for fans of Solo Leveling. With gripping plots, dynamic characters, and impressive artwork, these titles promise an exciting reading experience. Dive into captivating stories that blend action, fantasy, and adventure, providing a satisfying mix for those seeking new and immersive narratives within Korean webcomics.

Manhwa like Solo Leveling

Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game [Tower of Trials].
However, when the game’s popularity declined, it became difficult for him to continue making a living as a gaming Nutuber.
Since he already saw the ending of the game, he was about to quit playing. But that day, [Tower of Trials] became reality, and Jinhyuk, who knew about every single thing in the game, took over everything faster than anyone possibly could! “I’ll show you what a true pro is like.”

My opinion: “Solo Max-Level Newbie” starts like any manhwa created with inspiration from a hunter-dungeon theme, but that soon changes into a stunning action fantasy manhwa. It stands out from other such manhwa with its charming and witty characters; especially our MC is a cunning but enjoyable character.

This manhwa has its parts where readers find similarities with other hunter manhwas but will ultimately like this manhwa. I rate this manhwa a 9/10.

Kim Gong-ja feels that becoming a hunter is his destiny. Unfortunately, destiny disagrees. Worse, he has no skills and no desire to put in the hard work. All he does is rant and rave about the unfairness of life.

But fate can only take so much from this annoying little prick. Thus, he receives an awakened ability that he justly deserves: a skill that can copy other abilities. The trigger for using it? Death.

My opinion:  In this entire list this one has the most gripping story of all time. This manhwa was one of the few pieces of fictional literature which have genuinely brought tears to my eyes. In each arc, our MC grows from weak to strong but the journey is gut-wrenching or tear-jerking or sometimes both. They do this without compromising on the visuals.

SSS-Class Revival Hunter” has somewhat of a hero complex MC, which can make some readers dislike it in the beginning, but let me tell you the story keeps getting interesting. This manhwa with its masterful art style and gripping storyline deserves a high rating; I rate this manhwa a 10/10.

the tutorial is too hard

Gandara’s fusion fantasy novel, ‘The Tutorial is Too Hard’, is now here as a webtoon.

One day, amidst a boring life, an invitation message appears before my eyes. [Would you like to enter the tutorial world?]

Following it is a difficulty-selection window. [Easy] [Normal] [Hard] [Hell]. I select hell-difficulty without hesitation.

And I regret it.

I know it said hell-difficulty, but this is just too much.

My opinion: In “The Tutorial is Too Hard” Manhwa, the story is exciting and full of action, keeping readers hooked. The characters are interesting, and the plot is thrilling, making it an engaging read for those who enjoy a mix of adventure and strategy.

It’s a compelling manhwa that delivers an exciting experience for fans of the genre. The story might seem laggy at times for some readers but overall this is a good read. I rate this manhwa 9/10.

leveling with the gods 1

Even in the Tower—the land of mythological gods—Kim Yuwon’s feats are a legend. Though not powerful, he is famous for his unbreakable grit. From an ordinary human, he has climbed the tower to become on par with the ancient gods.

Unfortunately, the apocalyptic invasion of outer gods will force him to return to the past. Armed with future knowledge, his mission is to ready the tower denizens from the coming onslaught.

My opinion: “Leveling with the Gods” is a must-read manhwa which has unique storytelling with its tower setting and mythological characters such as Zeus, Odin, and their pantheons and other characters like King Arthur, Sun Wu Kong and many more.

The MC also has a fearless personality and doesn’t shy away from a battle. I rate it high for its well-written story along with awesome art, with my rating of 9/10.

Strong Newbie Cover 1

JaeJu (which means “skill” in Korean) grew up without parents in an orphanage skillfully, just like his name suggests. One day, he heard that the orphanage was having a hard time and would have to close in 3 years. While trying to raise money for the orphanage, JaeJu got an alert on his phone. On it, he saw a video of himself climbing the tower as a BJ (broadcasting jockey aka streamer). Seven years ago, a tower suddenly appeared and randomly took people into it. If you complete the tower and become an “Awakened”, it’s only a matter of time before you get rich!

My opinion: “The Newbie is Too Strong” is a light-hearted dungeon-themed manhwa with a well-written story and a complimenting art style. The key points of this manhwa are MC cute pets called Popois and its hilarious live chat conversations.

This is a fun read for when you want to unwind for the day and enjoy a little laugh. I rate this manhwa 8/10.

disaster class hero

Man-eating abominations had struck humanity, killing millions and ravaging civilizations. But amidst the darkest hour came twelve humans blessed with the power to fight these otherworld monsters.

Still, Geum Lee is an anomaly. Though not blessed with magical powers, he crushed millions of monsters so much even the twelve acknowledged him. But we all know envy is a fickle thing, and betrayal comes upon the tallest tree.

My opinion: If you searching for a top-notch manhwa in terms of art, then look no further as this manhwa was created by the same studio “REDICE”.

The MC is an OP character from the get-go which makes for some hilarious and some Badass moments. I rate this 9/10.

the s classes that i raised

An F-rank Hunter.

More than that, a useless, pathetic F-rank older brother who’s holding back his younger brother, who’s doing well as an S-rank.

The title that was given to me, who regressed after living a shitty life halfheartedly and sapping my younger brother’s life away, was The ‘Perfect Caregiver’ Alright then. This time, I’ll just live a low-profile life, keeping to myself while watching over those amazing bastards…

…That was what I’d thought, but these S-ranks are… a little weird.

My opinion: “The S Classes That I Raised” manhwa is closest to solo leveling in terms of theme, both stories revolve around hunters hunting monsters appearing from gates.

This might start slow but the plot thickens as the story progresses and the hidden plot is revealed. The story makes up for the bland start with goofy yet funny moments created by the main character and his crew. I rate this manhwa 8/10.

manhwa omniscient readers viewpoint

A tiring rat race with no end: That’s how Kim Dokja feels after joining the workforce. The only escape he has is reading a web novel—specifically, a trashy novel called Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.

However, his time-wasting hobby winds up saving his life. After all, the apocalypse has arrived, and it looks exactly like what the novel described.

My opinion: “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint” is highly praised in the manhwa community for its unique storyline with its mythical theme and well-written character arcs. This manhwa has all of it, from characters to world-building.

Very few manhwas can visualize the source material as this manhwa. This manhwa deserves the high praise it receives. I rate this manhwa 10/10.

Player Who Returned 10000 Years Later

One day, out of the blue, he falls into hell. All he has with him is his desire to live and predatory powers. From the thousandth hell to the nine thousandth, he‘s devoured tens and hundreds of thousands of demons, and even the seven archdukes bowed down to him. “Why do you wish to go back? Your Highness already has everything in hell.“ “Everything, my ass.“ There’s nothing to eat or enjoy here! Hell’s nothing but desolate land full of terrible demons! “I will return.“ After ten thousand long years, he finally returns to Earth.

My opinion: This dungeon-themed manhwa is loaded with an action-packed plot, breathtaking art, and hilarious characters that bring the story together.

Its first season is well received in the manhwa community for its badass movements and art which brings the best out of the source material. I rate this 8.5/10.

return constellation

Lee Changseon is a cold and ruthless man. He’s so overbearing he walked straight into the path of a god slaughterer after his transmigration. Unfortunately, his blood isn’t that welcomed by the gods. IS his ending Death?.

Still, the god of the underworld has a better option for this lawbreaker. To set balance in the universe and rein in the cruel deities, he receives a chance to return to his original body to thwart the selfish celestials.

My opinion: “Return of The Shattered Constellation” is a fast-paced power fantasy that you keep wanting more of. It also has a kickass MC and art level on par with many top manhwas out there.

Behind all its awe-inspiring art are not-so-flushed characters and jumpy pacing. But this manhwa has the potential for a comeback. Despite its setbacks, I enjoyed reading this for a change of phase. I rate this manhwa 8/10.

Being a devoted manhwa reader, Solo Leveling holds a special place for me as a phenomenon that significantly influenced the webtoon industry’s landscape. Its sudden emergence was like a dazzling display of fireworks, drawing in millions of fans to the vibrant manhwa community.

In tribute to the talented artists and writers who created this masterpiece, I’ve compiled this list with Solo Leveling as the benchmark. I hope you enjoyed going through it! Look forward to sharing more recommendations with you in the next one.

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